North Carolina


After years of sitting in front of computers for hours on end, being able to escape the office has become an absolute necessity. One of our favorite spots to visit year round is the mountains of North Carolina, near Highlands and Cashiers. Far enough away to leave the internet behind, but close enough to civilization to pick up a bottle of Pride for dinner – it is the perfect balance of rustic relaxation.
So, for the photo shoot for this rustic mountain brand, we decided to use our family cabin for the inspirational and wild backdrop. Plenty of craft beer and local moonshine went into this production. Special thanks to Nick Key for the photography.
firewater-rook-32 firewater-rook-103 firewater-rook-100 firewater-rook-84 firewater-rook-96
firewater-rook-31 firewater-rook-2 firewater-rook-54 firewater-rook-123 firewater-rook-152 firewater-rook-65 firewater-rook-58 firewater-rook-56 IMG_4420

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