The Rook Mark


As I am sure many can understand, working on a personal mark is excruciatingly difficult because the hardest client to please is yourself.

After months of research, sketching, polishing then trashing ideas, we decided that the best thing to do would be to find a creative that we trust to capture the style of our little studio. With a stamp of approval from someone we trust, we would have the confidence to move forward behind a vision that we could admire from afar (instead of critiquing from up close).


Here are some of my initial designs that I worked up:



We had our eye on many designers, and there are so many right now that blow our minds with fantastic marks, or inspire us with elegant simplicity. The decision was hard, but after a few conversations we quickly settled on the team at Foundry Collective and the creative prowess of Scott Hill.


We were initially drawn to Scott because of his clean and elegant work. We did not want a trendy mark, we wanted a timeless one, and creating timeless style is something of his speciality. We wanted a mark that would look great on a tie pin as well as letterhead – with a little bit of old world mystery to match.


To get started, we sent Scott some of our inspiration and initial ideas.



After a few days, Scott got in touch with us with a change of plans.  Normally they provide a few options, but he felt so strongly about one of them that he would be willing to throw in a few perks if we would consider choosing from only one option. With our curiosity peaked and anticipation high, we agreed and waited to see the initial fruit of his labor. We were not disappointed.


What followed was exactly what we were looking for. Clean lines, solid marks and a bit of charm, the mark was perfect. He even started creating iconography and illustrations that would relate to our process and would look a bit like the hidden symbolism of secret societies.


Here are the marks designed by Scott:


blog_rook_11 blog_rook_15 blog_rook_13 blog_rook_16 blog_rook_14


We had some initial edits on the main mark, and some feedback on color preference – but the heavy lifting was done.  We were inspired and motivated by the initial designs, and from there on only needed to alter a few elements.


A logo would have made us happy, but what Scott and the Foundry Collective gave us was much more. We received a strong direction and a brand identity that has been so easy to carry into print and web. We can’t thank them enough for taking such a difficult task off of our plate, and for working so well with us for something so close to our heart.
Thanks again, gents – you are the best!




James & Kyle


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