The Sparrow’s Nest





Those who help others often need a little help themselves, even though they might be to humble to ask for it.


Athens georgia has an abundance of non-profit organizations. Each with its own approach to helping those in need. The Sparrow’s Nest is one of those organizations focusing on caring for the needs of those not received by conventional religion and society. We had the great opportunity to work with these great people and help them with their brand.
Here are some of our initial sketches:


blog_nest_01 blog_nest_02

We searched for a mark that had simple lines and would be easily printable with budgetary concerns in mind. Our brainstorming and sketching lead us to the image and meaning you see above. A nest, presumably from a sparrow, full of eggs. The Nest combining symbols of religion and safety forming a protective, sheltering ring around the fragile eggs. Caring for and comforting the three: least, last, and lost from the harsh world outside the nest.


They fell in love with the nest of eggs and the meaning behind it, and we moved towards implementing the logo into their existing enviroments:


blog_nest_03 blog_nest_04 blog_nest_05 blog_nest_06 blog_nest_07

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